About us

Firm Background

d.rosas  is an Interior Architecture firm that was founded in 2002. We offer full service interior design and architecture to hospitality, corporate, retail, medical and residential clients.  We believe that a successful project is one in which the entire team works synergistically to produce the best end product for all.  We believe that form, function, and aesthetics work together to provide an ergonomic and visually stimulating space that will enhance the owner’s productivity, workstyle, profitability.  It is our goal to provide the owner with optimum solutions through a passionate pursuit of great design



Through our expertise, we provide the necessary know how for a managed and well-designed space transformation. Whether you are building new, expanding, downsizing, renovating or relocating,  d.rosas will develop a strategy to achieve the level of design you desire with maximum economy.  We deliver projects on time, on budget, and with the very best expertise.  We work with you to complete the project.  We can assist you in envisioning potentials in the property that is being built. Great design is all about needs being met. Together, great design can be realized.